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Open Access proceedings in Environment, Energy and Earth Sciences

EEAPHS 2021 conference proceedings will be published by E3S Web of Conferences which is managed by EDP Sciences, an open access platform devoted to the publication of scientific conference proceedings. It offers high quality services for the publication and dissemination of conference proceedings.

Where are conference proceedings abstracted?

→ Conference Proceedings Citation Index—Science (CPCI-S) (Web of Science)

→ Compendex - Engineering Village (EI)

→ Scopus

→ Agricultural & Environmental Science Database (ProQuest)

→ Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)

→ INIS (International Nuclear Information System)

→ NASA Astrophysics Data System

→ Materials Science & Engineering Database (ProQuest)

→ SciTech Premium Collection (ProQuest)


Proceedings policy on Impact Factors

Under current policy, Clarivate (the owners of ISI Web of Science) do not calculate Impact Factors for ANY proceedings titles. Therefore, proceedings journals are not issued with Impact Factors.

The ISI Web of Science platform itself is split into two components: SCI (the Science Citation Index) and CPCI (Conference Proceedings Citation Index). Proceedings journals appear within the CPCI. In order to access both, users need to have a full subscription to ISI Web of Science. However, those subscribing only to the SCI component will not have access to proceedings papers.

However, it is at the discretion of Clarivate as to how quickly they process and upload new content. Unfortunately, we have no control over how long it takes for each volume to be indexed. It can often take some time for papers to appear.

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